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Who we are

HLB Cezam, an independent member of HLB International, is a professional services firm registered in Kenya in 2002. We provide quality and personalised service to local and international organisations executing business in Kenya. Our clients comprise:

  • Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs)
  • Private and family owned enterprises
  • Donor, government and local government agencies

At HLB Cezam, we have expertise providing external and internal audit services, management consultancy, tax advisory, corporate reconstruction, corporate and personal finance and company secretarial services in a wide range of industry sectors including public finance, financial and insurance services, agribusiness, education, manufacturing, hospitality, investment, not-for-profit and construction.

Our mission

Our mission is to assist our clients achieve their professional goals by adhering to the highest professional standards and to partner with our staff in delivering the highest quality of professional services.

Our vision

To be the leading middle-level professional services provider in the East and Central Africa

Our core values

Excellence – Our people work to provide services at the highest professional standards.
Personnel deployed on assignments have relevant and varied experience; keep up to date
with emerging trends and issues; and maintain professional independence.

Quality – Clients and investors need to have confidence that they are receiving sound advice
from their auditors, accountants and consultants.

How we work together

We create and enhance value for our clients by drawing on the collective experience of the firm’s professionals and by offering all our clients personalized and high quality services. We focus on the individual client’s needs to deliver innovative and insightful solutions. Further, we draw on our local and international partners (HLB International member firms) to provide advice that is practical and sensitive to the local environment.

HLB Cezam incorporates the following professional firms in the provision of its accountancy and business advisory services:

  • Cezam and Associates Limited.
  • Chege Muchunguzi Mwangi & Company LLP, Certified Public Accountants of Kenya.
  • Cezam Registrars.
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